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WAYOO is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.
We can help you with your whole digital marketing strategy!

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We Can Help Grow Your Traffic!

WAYOO is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.

What does that actually mean? It means we can help you grow your business through a wide variety of digital processes. From Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization and Data Analysis. But also with Digital Marketing, Sales and Client Relationship Manager development.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a well-known brand or just starting up. You are a unique business, and unfortunately, there is no “One Size Fits All” solution.

First, I have to see if and how I can help you. Maybe you’re already doing everything great, and all you need is a short education on the latest trends.

We Guarantee Honesty and Transparency!


Our Values

Self Mastery

Although we know what we’re doing, we never finished learning. We continuously challenge ourselves to reach our unique and full potential.

Wise & Imaginitive

We learn from past mistakes, and yes we make mistakes. We look to the future, follow trends and nourish our curiosity. But we act in the Now.

Transparent & Honest

If you’re doing great, we’re gonna say it.
We do what we say we’re going to do! When we say, we’re going to do it.

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10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Mon-Fri: 9 – 15 (GMT +1)
Sat-Sun: Closed, family time

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We Work with both SMEs and Large Companies

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